Flappy Vaginas Are The Newest Health Concern

Although this is not any new problem, women around the globe are speaking up about how loose their vaginas are feeling. Women are being more open about their problems and have discovered that a flappy vagina is not a condition they have to live with.

This one part of the body that withholds your confidence as a woman can be hampered by factors out of your control, like aging and childbirth. However, there are things that women can do to treat their flappy vaginas and get back their sexual confidence.

Now it’s no surprise that back in the 1980’s researchers were able to link stronger orgasms with stronger pelvic floor muscles. Basically, the proved via medical research that having a tighter vagina allows for better orgasms.

So the problem you face is what do you do when your vagina becomes loose. Well don’t worry, you have a few options you can try. The first and probably the most natural is vaginal exercises. These are considered kegel exercises that specifically target the pelvic floor muscles which control vaginal contraction during sex. There are a ton of guides online about how to do these exercises. Next up there are herbal treatments. There are some you can make at home and there are some over the counter products you can buy. Lastly, we have vaginal rejuvenation surgery. This is obviously the more expensive option, but it does work.